Friday, December 28, 2007

Jarl Fernaeus

Chair in thick leather and powder coated aluminum. Wow! Enjoy!

Clarissa Hulse

Burnet paper in putty. Lovely. Enjoy!


Oil on canvas by Mark Dixon. Be sure and check out his site. He has several small works for sale. Enjoy!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Fantastic Push Pins

from Benjamin Hubert, among many other fabulous items. Enjoy!

Bedroom Inspiration

Still trying to figure out which direction to go with my bedroom. Love this textured gray spread and simple room. (image via Nuevo Estilo)

Wooden Easel and Herb Crocks

New at Ballard Designs (pp. 2 & 3 of new accessories). Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Lovely Lampshade

from Syster Lycklig. Enjoy!

Coe and Waito

Hand pinched bowls. Lovely. Enjoy!

Toast UK

A lovely sight to browse. Enjoy!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Have a Merry Christmas!

I'll see you on the 26th! The photo is from NatureMandalas' etsy shop. Enjoy!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Art of Breakfast

Jennifer Causey's "Simply Breakfast". A little book documenting her daily obsession with breakfast. I've never been so hungry. Enjoy!

Vintage Beverage Set

from etsy seller DandelionGirl. Enjoy!

One of these things...

Handmade necklace from etsy seller locallibrary. Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Felted Wool Bowls

from etsy seller papaververt. Enjoy!

For the guys out there...

handmade box wallets from etsy seller fiveleft. Enjoy!

Myth Necklace

from etsy seller damselflycreations. Enjoy!

Sushi anyone?

Lovely celadon sushi set from etsy seller PuTokWagnerCeramics. Enjoy!

Clare Whitney

An Australian artist with fabulous paintings and out-of-this-world etchings. Beautiful. Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Where were they when I was pregnant?

New DwellStudio Baby Crib Bedding via Design Public. Love it! Enjoy!

Salt & Pepper Bowls

From etsy seller raedunn. Enjoy!

BeeGee Felty Clutch

from etsy seller brookegalardi. Enjoy!

Anne Murray Earthenware: "Recycling"

I came across Anne's work via Flickr and was instantly taken with her earthenware pieces. I immediately emailed Anne about her work and this is what she had to say:

I am currently a 3rd year student at Glasgow School of Art and am finding my way with ceramics. The objects you may be speaking of are made of earthenware and are decorated with decals for a current project I am working on.

The challenge is to make a tableservice for a restaurant. These are test pieces, exploring 'recycling', on my way to making the final work. The theme is 'recycling' in it's broadest sense, reusing crockery in another way eg old shapes with new decoration, new shapes with old decoration (that is what the red and white ones are), 'found' objects made into decals and merged with the body of the clay.

These are not currently for sale but with the interest I've received I may consider creating an etsy site next year. The final project will be on show in Aberdeen, Scotland in March; Kesckemet, Hungary in April 2008 and at MUSA - Art and music cafe, Aberdeen, Scotland, in the Summer 2008.

I, for one, absolutely love this collection of work and can't wait to see more from Anne. For those interested in keeping up with Anne's work you can view more via her flickr site or read more via her blog. Definitely ones to bookmark! Enjoy!

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Smart Fish

I'm not really sure who The Smartest Fish is, but I definitely love her work. Check out her blog here and her portfolio here. Enjoy!

Monday, December 17, 2007

The Perfect Gift

For those of you looking for an affordable yet awesome gift for the artist in your life, look no further than Charley Harper's 2008 Engagement Book. I'd love to have this on my desk.

For those with a little more cash in their pocket don't forget "Charley Harper: An Illustrated Life". It just so happens you can buy a copy now on Ebay for $219.00. Enjoy!

Hand drilled and oxidized....

Constellation ring from etsy seller lunaticart via the etsy front page. Enjoy!

Contest: It's All About Exposure

I'm constantly on the lookout for new designers and artists with the latest and greatest products around. The purpose of Another Shade of Grey is to highlight and expose their works to as many people as possible. While I search daily for new talent, there is only one of me and so many of you. In an effort to make sure no artist is left undiscovered I am now asking for submissions from you, the artist, the crafter, the designer.

Here's how it works.

1. You email me your product.
2. I will pick a monthly winner from present and past submissions. (Hopefully beginning January 1, 2008 if enough submissions have been received. If not, February 1, 2008.)
3. Said winner will be deemed the official "Artist/Designer of the Month".

What this means for you.

1. Each monthly winner will receive a direct link from Another Shade of Grey to their respective website via a pictorial ad that will be placed in the top left hand corner of my blog just above the "Today's Must Read" link. This ad will remain in place for the duration of one month. The winner will also receive one weekly blog entry on Another Shade of Grey for each week of their "reign", featuring their work and biographical information.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me.

I hope this is a success! I look forward to receiving your submissions.

Lauren Watrous

At the Green Tree Gallery. Wow! Enjoy!

Jar and Apples

vintage linen tea towel from etsy seller Zivile. Enjoy!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Lemonwood Spoons

via Emery & Cie. Enjoy!

Colored pencil on torn woven paper

by artist Jane Sherrill. Enjoy!

Ceramic RV Planter

from Paige Russell. Very neat. Enjoy!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Retro Rooster

Retro rooster pillow from etsy seller joemomma. Enjoy!

Spice things up

with these vintage mid-century salt & pepper shakers from ebay seller piecederesistanceforever. You've got six days to make these yours. Enjoy!

Little Branch Teacup and Saucer

from etsy seller dolamakes. Enjoy!

Olive and Vine

pillow from etsy seller Paco & Lupe. Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Embroidered Art

Embroidered art by Steve MacDonald. I enjoy the masculinity he brings to what is traditionally known as a feminine craft. Enjoy!

Paintbox Tiles

by Ceri White. Enjoy!

Magic Tweetie

Framed print from etsy seller Joom for just $13.00. Enjoy!

Big fan

of Chris Johanson's work. My inspiration for today. Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Padded Porcelain Vessels

from Sarah Grove. Stunning. Enjoy!

Great Stocking Stuffer

Brown butterfly notebook from etsy seller fieldandsea for $7.00. Enjoy!

Pool Earrings

from etsy seller clevergirl. Enjoy!

Christiane Perrochon

Wow! Absolutely gorgeous work from Christiane Perrochon. Enjoy!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Hammered Silver Bangle

Classy piece from etsy seller IstanbulDesigns. Enjoy!

Gold Snow Cylinder Lampshade

available at Debenhams for all you lucky gals across the pond. Enjoy!

New Leaf Tree Pillow

from Urban Outfitters. Enjoy!

Great Olive Magnet Set

from etsy seller littleputbooks. Enjoy!

17th Century Spoons

Handcraft that withstood the test of time. Just as beautiful today as they were back then. I would love to see this shape and feel brought into the flatware of the 21st century. You can own a vintage piece or two for a pretty penny. Simply google "pewter spoon" and you'll pull up quite a few. Enjoy and be inspired! (photo via Finds from the Avondster)


Original watercolor from etsy seller Geninne. Definitely an artist worthy of collecting. Enjoy!

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