Saturday, August 11, 2007

Karl Johnson, Jonathan Adler & Larson-Juhl

I love Karl Johnson's silhouettes, even more so in these Larson-Juhl frames designed by Jonathan Adler. What a combo! Check it out in Elle Decor's July/August 2007 issue. Enjoy!

Karl Johnson's work displayed in Jonathan Adler's new frames fro Larson-Juhl.

Karl Johnson's work featured at the Bella Bean Couture store in San Francisco.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Change is Good...

but it's even better when kept in this leather coin purse from etsy seller hollyhawk. $20.00 right here. Enjoy!

DIY'd and gone to Heaven

I recently purchased Better Homes & Gardens 100 Decorating Ideas Under $100.00 remaining on news stands until August 21st. It had some fabulous DIY ideas, including this clever little table. For instructions, read below.

1. Sheath an existing table (or a purchased unfinished table) with 1/2 inch MDF. Cut the top piece 1/2 inch larger on all sides.

2. For the sides, make a cardboard template with a design that pleases you. Allow for an overlap. Cut the sides using a jigsaw. Glue and screw all MDF panels to the table. Screw on the panels from the inside.

3. Sand all edges and seams smooth. Prime and paint the table cream. Using a geometric compass as a guide, draw the border design onto the sides. Cut strips of FrisketFilm (a self-adhesive masking film available at art-supplies stores) and place it over the outline. Use a mat knife to cut the FrisketFilm, following your drawn lines. Strip the film from the border areas and then fill in the border with teal blue paint. Remove any remaining film.

4. For the top, mask off the border with blue painter's tape and paint. Remove the tape.


Cloud Branch Earrings

for $20.00 from etsy seller katinkapinka. Enjoy!

Everything's coming up daisies...

A set of 4 retro yellow daisy drinking glasses for $8.00. The perfect glass for your daily dose of vitamin C. From etsy seller thevintagekitchen. Enjoy!

Making a Spectacle...

Stuart Haygarth's Spectacle Chandelier is awesome. Check out is site for lots of other interesting lighting ideas. Enjoy!

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