Friday, January 19, 2007


That's right. This vintage 70s wallpaper from ebay seller U-Turn made my head spin. I love it. The price is $39.43 per roll with twelve rolls available.

Blay's of Denmark

I love the Butterfly tableware by Blay's of Denmark. Simple bold detail. The pattern comes in black (my favorite) and blue. It is currently not available in the US but hopefully will be in the near future. To learn more about Blay's and where to buy please visit their site.

Put a Fork In It!

I ran across these wooden forks by Daisung Kim over at Designboom as part of the 2006 100% Design Tokyo. What can I say? Maybe not the most practical, but they are definitely something I covet. I want that deer!


I think the Interchange tiles by giffin'termeer (composed of the design duo of Jess Giffin and Jim Termeer) are great. Arranged in a clever pattern, intermixed with solid white tiles, these would make a fantastic backsplash or an even better bathroom. The patterns were drawn directly from satellite images of major interchanges. Clever. The tiles measure 6" x 6". They are currently available at Shelter, 7920 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA or you can order them direct. Just email Jim.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Would anyone care for a retro pillow?

Check them out at Ouno Design. Please note while browsing there are links within the links. Enjoy! :)

Sarah Reed

Sometimes the baroque trend gets a bit too heavy for me, but these pieces by Sarah Reed are just right. Soft and simple with just enough detail to grab your attention.

A Plague of Locusts?

Nah. It's just grasshoppers. I ran across this grasshopper wall art at ComingHome Interior , which made me think of West Elm's new grasshopper pillow ($49.00), which in turn made me think "trend"? Perhaps.


Tingatinga is an art form created by Eduardo S. Tingatinga. Originating out of Tanzanie, it is simply bicycle paint on masonite. The object of Tingatinga is to cover the surface in its entirety with the object, which is almost always an animal native to the African landscape. I think it's a beautiful, yet simple form of art. To learn more about Tingatinga click here. Enjoy and be inspired!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Joanna Bylicka

For those wishing to purchase Joanna's work you can go here. I don't know if they'll ship to the U.S., but for those lucky devils living overseas, you're in luck.

For Your Eyes Only...

Because they're not for sale. I came across these pillowcases during one of my marathon google searches. They're so bright and cheerful, reminding me that Spring isn't so far away, even though its 28 degrees outside . By asldesigns. Be inspired!


Beautiful pillows from Ceannis of Stockholm.

Knock on Wood

I'm sure many of you out there have already seen this fascinating, inventful product. This post is for those who have not because I think it is just such a clever, clever idea. Memory sticks for your USB ports made out of...sticks. By Oooms, they're smart in every way, functionally and aesthetically. You can get them here for $99.00.

Diana Sudyka

Amazing posters, prints, etchings and paintings. Some for sale on her website. Others for sale here. A selection of her works currently on exhibition at Uppercase Gallery's "Posteriffic".

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Ahlens 2007

Via veramedflera.

Tres Tintas BCN

Out of Barcelona, not only do I love their papers, but their advertisements are fantastic. So original. Their website is even cooler. Check it out here.

People To Watch

For the last 5 years Elle Decoration magazine has held its Prodeco competition to find the best-designed everyday objects on the Polish market. The competition is open to producers, distributors, craftsmen and design studios.

My favorite by far were the chest of drawers designed by Jarosław Bełza. It is composed of wood from around the world in a patchwork-like pattern and the ceramic trivets called Koronki (Lace) by Joanna Bylicka.

Talk about your metallics...

What about this disposable plastic bottle covered in silver from Pampaloni for 40 euro? I think I just might consider drinking water again. :)

Monday, January 15, 2007

Someone to Watch

Bethan Lloyd Worthington
Click here to visit her website.

Sprout Home

I love this sketchbook by Sierra Sophie available at Sprout Home for $19.75. I'm not sure I feel qualified to sketch in such a pretty book.

I also love this wrapping paper, which is $7.75 for a 19.25" x 27" sheet.

Super Bowl Party

Some great napkins and plates to make your Super Bowl Party designer friendly. :) Napkins are $4.50 for set of 20. Plates are $4.25 for set of 8. Check them out here. Enjoy!

The Well Dressed Home

Bright and cheerful bud vases perfect for Spring. Purchase as a set (one of each color) for $48 or $14.00 for a single vase. Just click here. Enjoy!

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