Friday, July 20, 2007

Another great product

with another great photo. Butterfly necklace from etsy seller puffluna for $30.00. Enjoy!

Shabby Chicalicious

Fruit Basket and Bird pillow made from vintage tea towels. Perfect for the shabby chic home or any sweet girl's room. $28.00 each. Enjoy!

Wheel Thrown Porcelain Jar

from etsy seller stonewareporcelain. A steal at $20.00. Enjoy!

I diyd it...


is now this. A fantastic wall piece for displaying my newly started photo collection. A little paint, a little nail and there you have it. $15.00 total cost. And if you think you're seeing those shoes, those gorgeous goldenrod shoes, you'd be right. I realized last evening that one of the things I loved most about the etsy items I blog about is their product shots so I asked permission, sized each photograph to my own satisfaction, printed them out and here they are. One of my favorite diyds ever! Seriously, some of the items for sale should also offer a print of the product photo for sale as well. Some of my favorites are from sunshinecitylassie, deadbirdsfinds, seaglassvintage, petaline, and bluebellbazaar. Check them out and see for yourself.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Double Dipping!

Love this vintage platter available from Petaline's etsy store. Perfect for serving or for your kitchen wall. Platter measures 13 by 10 inches and is up for grabs for $20.00 here! Enjoy!

New at Petaline

Limited edition giclee prints from Flora Bowley, 16 x 16 for $90.00 plus much, much more. Definitely worth a go see!

Breathing in a paper bag...

trying not to hyperventilate over these new shades from etsy seller drawflowers. I know they're expensive, but being a lover of patterned shades these are just delicious. A girl can window shop, right?

Craving Calamari?

Okay, not quite the same thing, but close enough. An octopus for every taste and budget.

First, an octopus design embossed on museum paper from Alaska native artist Edward Raub. Each high quality print is done by hand and is sold un-matted and unframed. 13 x 11 for $40.00. Go here to place order.

Watercolor and colored pencil by Tamara Clark. 8 x 10 for $33.00 right here.

8 x 10 print from Earth Art International for $20.00. Check it out here.

Remarqued Print from Steve Bogdanoff, 12.25 x 15.5 $275.00 right

And last, but not least, Octopus Love canvas print, 8 x 10, from etsy seller underthebigtop for $15.00.

Romantic & Chic

Great earrings from etsy seller gNeebo. $24.00 right here. Enjoy!

Everything's better in threes

Lee May Triptych Wall Art at Urban Outfitters for $40.00. Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Placebo Earrings

$14.00 from etsy seller whitemetal. Enjoy!

Color to go...

Love this print of an original painting from etsy seller davidvmoore. 8 x 10 for $20.00. Enjoy!

Crazy Thoughts...and it's not just the shoes

So lately I've been considering making a quilt. I find the art form fascinating and would love to try my hand at making some completely wacky, out there, totally tripping pattern, never mind the fact that I can't sew.

As a result I've been googling around, looking at some of the great works of art created by some of the greatest quilt makers around. Ian Hundley is on the top of my list. I came across his work via Dear Ada (who, by the way, has impeccable taste in art) and I instantly fell in love...with his work, of course. I want this quilt!

Cohesive Color

I really enjoyed Domino's August issue. Reading all of the do's and don'ts and the designers personal tricks and inspirations was quite enlightening. It contained loads of useful advice.

One of Stephen Gambrel's styling tricks is to display collections of similar objects, like amber glass in different shapes. Similar to this arrangement by Richard Anderson and Candra Scott (photo by Randall Koll).

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Too clever!

Home on the Range, a poloroid print from futurowoman, is just too clever to pass up. Definitely a piece to collect. $12.50 for a 5 x 7. Enjoy!

Going, Going...

before it's gone in the next hour you might want to check out this side chair from tsandcompanydesign. Current bid is $9.99 with shipping estimated around $79.00. Just picture it reupholstered in this beautiful Spring Garden fabric from Galbraith & Paul, or anything similar. It would be knockout for sure.

Jesse Come Home

Cool print from an original drawing for $30.00 from etsy seller jessecomehome. Enjoy!

Need a hand?

Pottery Barn is willing to sell you one. I'm sort of digging these new vintage looking hands available at Pottery Barn Teen for $25.00. An interesting way to keep up with one's jewelry, or possibly just to use as decoration. I can envision a set of three atop a credenza. What would be even better? To paint them. Orange? Pink? Yellow? Neat!

A rug for Julieta

Julieta had asked about a kitchen rug, but I just couldn't find the right fit, until now. This Cozy Chenille Rug from Pottery Barn Teen in green has just the right feel and the perfect colors. Not to mention, it's on sale ! the 2' x 3' for $59.99 or the 3' x 5' for $154.99. Enjoy!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Am I crazy...

to want these vintage shoes from sunshinecitylassie? They're even my size, an 8.

I know I'm not crazy to want these great black and white vintage coasters.

But the shoes are less than the coasters.....

Reader Q & A - For Julieta (definitely a she)

Julieta writes:

Hi (Jules),

I only know you go by Jules because I read the Julian snafu. Since I
also go by Jules, I remembered the nickname.

So, I know the last thing you want is another kitchen, but I've been
in back splash/design purgatory for 1.5 years. We started the
remodel when I was practicing as an attorney. Mid-way through the
remodel I decided to stop practicing to stay at home with our son (we
now have a new baby, also a boy). Because of my sudden career
change, our plans/budget for the kitchen changed. Needless to say,
the cork floors we wanted were quickly replaced with VCT (commercial
grade vinyl tiles you see in supermarkets, Target, etc.), the window
treatments were what we could find at Target, and my decorative
corner cabinets remained empty. All this knowing that once we
regrouped we could finish these last pieces to our liking.

The back splash? We just can't decide. Any ideas? We planned on
subway tiles. This is an older home and we tried to keep the kitchen
fairly traditional to flow with the architecture of the house and
contrast that with modern accessories and fabrics. My goal was to
have a kitchen that looked like warm cookies and a glass of milk--a
place for our boys to create fond memories of their childhood.

The before picture is from the week we moved into the house. The
"after" picture was taken in the dead of winter, so it is darker than
usual. That said, we're still considering changing the wall color to
a simple creme to add more light due to northern exposure. The
vintage tablecloth we no longer use, and any other accessory you see
can be replaced.

I know you've already done kitchens, so my feelings won't be hurt if
you tell me to pound sand. Well, maybe they will be a *teensy* bit
hurt if you say it like that! :)

All the best,

First of all, don't let Julieta fool you. She's definitely creative in her own right as shown by the amazing progress she's already made on her kitchen (See the before and after photos below) not to mention her great way with verse via The Poem Company. A great source for original invitations with a little rogue custom poetry.

My backsplash suggestion was twofold. First, a simple white subway tile behind the stove area as shown here:

For the rest? Orla Kiely's Blossom Wallpaper available at Anthropologie for $88.00 per roll.

From there I went with this fantastic Butterfly Shadowbox at Anthropologie for $48.00.

For a dash of color and coordination I would pick up a couple of these Fantasia Butterfly Dishtowels, $18.00 each at Anthro.

I love the fact Julieta uses a tablecloth in her kitchen and wanted to find the perfect fit. This wasn't hard to do. Anthropologie has covered all the bases. I love this damask stripe tablecloth in neutral for $58.00.

For display in her cabinets, a set of these yellow Wild Cabbage Cups & Saucers for $18.00 each.

And last, but not least, this Green Owl Gocco Print from Sugar Loop for $12.00 matted and framed in a gold leaf frame with a similar finish to the Butterfly Shadowbox.

I hope this helps Julieta. You have a beautiful kitchen. Feel free to offer your own suggestions in the comments below. :)

Got a light?

If not, etsy seller yaelfran does by way of these too cute match boxes. $13.00 for the set of 6. Enjoy!

Harlequin can do no wrong!

Grace, Divine, Elite...perfect adjectives and names for their latest Extravagance Collection. Enjoy!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

What's a weekend without a trip to the flea market?

How great are these #5 glasses from deadbirdfinds? Set of 6 for $19.00.

Great little turquoise dish from seaglassvintage for $12.00.

Fabulous set of red peacock trays. $9.75 for the set of 6. Enjoy your weekend!

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