Friday, June 08, 2007

New items at Ballard Designs I'm totally digging...

Love the blue and black diamond drinkware.

The black scalloped cake stands if you dare.

Indoor/outdoor Casablanca rug in three eye popping colors.

No albatrosses here...

Two fabulous necklaces from two talented etsy sellers.

Copper Bubbles Necklace for $40.00 from Librolibra.

Ivory lucite and darkwook necklace for $33.00 from Letitiah.

Larger than the average etsy piece

This 10" x 20" original oil painting from etsy seller Colorplay is a bargain at $60.00. Enjoy!

Although some may consider it sacrilegious

I firmly believe there's nothing a coat of paint won't cure. If you have a dreary piece of furniture with a waning finish just one look at these images will most definitely cure what ails you. Paint it!

A nice coral red finish lacquered to a high gloss makes this Louis XV so 2007.

And honestly, does turquoise ever go out of style?

And for the really brave, a wallpaper chest is to die for.

Images via Cote Maison.

The kind of weights I like to work out with...

Paper! Because they're just so pretty. :)

Gold Rock Solid Paper Weight from paper Source for $25.00.

Dandelion Puff Paperweight from Signals for $49.95.

Glass Bird Paperweight from Dead Bird for $17.00.

Paperweight Tree from Musees de France for 59 euros.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

I am head over heels in love with Godzilla.

This Godzilla print from etsy seller Monster Gallery has me mesmerized. It's the perfect piece of art to marry a little boy's love of dinosaurs with his mother's quest for taste. At the cost of $3.80 you could afford to by three of the 4 x 4s, frame them in black or white and hang them in a trifecta. A whole room could be designed around this single piece. I love it, but I want it bigger! Please. :)

Moooooving right along...

I don't know why I am obsessed with cows lately, but I love this painting for sell on Ebay by artist Roslyn Young. It's oil on a 20" x 16" canvas and perfectly blue. Enjoy!

Vintage Wallpaper Notecards from Variagated

For all you note writing folks. Enjoy!

Coral Fin Earrings

from etsy seller Contrary for $14.00. Fabulous. Kacey, these would look good on you. :)

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Vintage white glass bead earrings reminiscent of meringue too cute to pass up from etsy seller Leaves of Glass. Enjoy!


Lizart on etsy. Enjoy! makes a difference

I love how these photos show what a difference color makes. It is very personal and as a narcissist once's all about you! Enjoy. Images via Polki.

Winds Blow Through Me

Great broadside by Meredith R. Winer with text by Cassandra Cleghorn. $30.00 plus shipping and handling. Enjoy!


Coat tree. Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Scandinavian Living

If I ever own a beach house or cabin this is totally the direction I'll be going with. Click here and enjoy!

A great way to disguise an ugly coat hook...

Domestic's coat rack wall sticker. Enjoy!

Killer Kilims

Click here to browse.

Graham & Green

Love this bird mirror hook.

patterned doormat

and bird mug and jug. Enjoy!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Jane Claire Cushions

Available at Hidden Art Shop. Enjoy!

Alexandra Mitchell Ceramics


The Real McCoy...

Absolutely gorgeous original oil painting from etsy seller bearhollowcreations ready to hang for $85.00. Enjoy!


They've got it covered from price to pattern. Click title above for a link. Enjoy!

Storyland Wallpaper

from Onszelf . Click on image for a closer look. Enjoy!

Aid to Artisans

I must have been living in a hole because until just recently I had never heard of Aid To Artisans. I came across some fabulous papier mache bowls while reading Elle Decor which inspired me to look them up. They help artisan groups around the world market and sell their handcrafts which is an important source of income for many. I checked out their online store and found this fantastic decorated metal bowl from Haiti with an even more fantastic price of just $20.00. Enjoy and support the artists!

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