Friday, February 09, 2007

Merete Rasmussen

I came across the work of Merete Rasmussen not long ago and I finally have photos to share. A ceramicist, her first love is sculpture, but I'm considering holding her hostage to demand her focus be tableware. These pieces are earthenware, slipcast and hollow, which makes hot food in bowls stay warm longer and you don't burn yourself when you hold it in your hand. These shapes are just begging to be touched. I encourage you to visit her site and view all her work, but make SURE you check out her plates and bowls. There's a black and white botanical set to die for. My favorite. Enjoy!

Kathy Dalwood Design

Multi-talented, Kathy Dalwood's taste is impeccable. Mirrors, tiles, planters, and interior design, her website is pure heaven. Click here for the full experience.

Dirt is in thanks to Catherine Bertola!

Catherine Bertola (my new best friend) is a genius. She has turned housework into art. No more dusting or sweeping for me. Dirt is my friend, my canvas, my art. Seriously, though. Catherine Bertola fills cracks with glitter. No spackle needed. Swiffers? Forgeddaboudit. Give her some dust and a little PVA glue and you've got wallpaper. To find out more about this amazing woman and her fabulous art click here.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

I'm pretty sure I love this mirror available at Sprout Home for $185.00. Each individual mirror is attached to a wire which allows it to be "rearranged". Sort of like flower arranging, you arrange the position of each mirror to create your own, unique piece. Very nice.


Typewriter keys. You gotta love 'em. If you enjoy all things vintage, not to mention hip (every time I hear/read/write this word have random thought of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and quote "I'm so hip I can barely see over my pelvis"...always good for a chuckle) you'll love these typewriter magnets at Frenetic Press. The keys have been painstakingly removed from vintage, steel manual typewriters & affixed to round, heavy-duty magnets. Way cooler than those plastic multi-colored alphabet letters. Enjoy!

Tag, you're it!

I haven't played this game in quite some time. Let me see if I can remember how to do it...

Di (I can't help but want to call her Lady but not sure this is appropriate) over at Designers Block has tagged me to list 6 reasons why I blog. Don't fall asleep on me now. I'll make it quick.

1. Personal inspiration.

2. Exposing artists I enjoy. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to give free "press" (blushing with shame at using such word to describe this "blog", know not even close to owning such description) to a talented person. I will never, ever, ever put a product up on this blog that I would not buy myself.

3. Interaction with the rest of the design addicts. I find it fascinating how each person's blog reflects upon each individual personality.

4. I have a boat-load of images saved on my computer dragging it down to the pace of a turtle. Blogger lets me keep these images in a fairly organized arrangement, thereby allowing me to delete them off my computer...for free. ;)

5. At times it allows me to have lengthy fantasies of owning my own magazine, arranging photoshoots, choosing layouts, helping others to succeed, living high off the smell of photocopy. Then snap back to reality and realize I'm just a blogger living in podunk.

6. It allows me to see things I will probably never see in person. There's only one of me and 98759348573947859234875923847923847204 things to see.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Mi casa su casa...

There's a house in translation going on over at Casapinka. Something you should really check out. One of the craziest processes I've ever witnessed, but one of the coolest as well. I think it will be fantastic when finished. In the meantime, Pink posted this picture of a Miles Redd room and I've become a woman obsessed. I must have that horn. I'm a semi-pro when it comes to google, but I'm having difficulty finding anything quite like it. Can anyone help? Thanks.

Weekend Reading

I enjoyed a post over at Imelda's this weekend which contained the work of Christin of PBCB Studios. She and her husband are both incredibly talented people. They both have a few things for sale on etsy, like the triptych pictured above. Check it out.

Let there be light...

Last year right about this time I was in Paris. It was then that I caught on to the trend of chandeliers being imprinted on objects of decor. Even the doors to the Eurostar Lounge were imprinted with a gorgeous chandelier. I wanted to see more of this trend so I did a quick google and Mathieu Challiers has been bookmarked ever since. These are the reasons why.

Need to lose a few pounds?

The Mandeville Hotel in London is the perfect place to do so. Filled with eye-catching decor, this luxury hotel appears to be all of four stars and more. To learn more click here.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A few of my favorite things...

New pic from different vantage point so you can get the feel of the room. Don't all speak at once. Please, don't be shy. Any advice is welcome. How would you arrange the bookshelf?

A bookcase that's been in my family for years. It began in my dad's office, then wound up in our family home, and now it's in my family room. As a child I used to fit inside while playing hide and seek. As you can see, we kids accessorized it from the get go. The pennies fit perfectly. Lucky for me, it fit in with my mid-century modern, male inspired room. I am not a "cling-on", definitely no Star Trek for me, but I just couldn't let it go to sale. Too many memories. I'm still in the process of redoing this room and I'm a bit stumped as to how to arrange the shelves. I like this grouped look, but wonder if others think it odd the rest are empty. I don't want it to become too cluttered. Any suggestions or critiques are welcome.

David Linley

So uncomplicatedly simple. Such a statement. I love the cheese doorstops and this chair looks like pure heaven. Find out more here.

Beth Berst-Gregory

Great illustrations by Beth Berst-Gregory. I love the bird magnet and bumblebee cards. A selection of her works can be purchased at Etsy. Otherwise, check out her website for more information. You can also bookmark her blog for some great inspiration. Enjoy!

Clarissa Hulse Spring 2007

Four new colorways: Whistler, Klein, Rousseau, and Klimt. Love her, as usual. Please visit her online store. For those living in the area, be sure and check out her Studio Sale beginning February 8th. For those not so fortunate, you can visit her dedicated sale shop online. Just click here.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Welbeck Tiles

I've been looking at tiles lately and I really enjoyed these sets from Welbeck out of the UK. One is of kitchen cutlery and the other of charcoal and platinum (great combo) drawings.

The 10 Cent Designer ...Worth Every Penny

I've been ogling this backsplash at flickr for months now. Belonging to The 10 Cent Designer, it's just so random but so perfect. I love the colors. I'm also coveting her wood floor below. Maybe not everyone's cup of tea, but definitely something I would drink. Enjoy and be inspired.

Great Little Party Favors...

Mini books at Gallimaufry Arts. Lots of designs to choose from. Only $5.00. A great party favor.

Felt it up...

I love felt when it's used in a mature form of design. These pillows by etsy seller The Pillow Project are a great example. Very simple, very graphic, very mature. Only $60.00. Go here for more info.

I also love these numbered pillows available at Scarlett Alley. They're available in several different colorways and also come in letter form as well.

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