Friday, November 16, 2007

The Beach Life

Porcelain shell tea lights and vases via Tuvalu. Prices range from $18.00 to $38.00. Very affordable. Enjoy!

Original Vintage Eames Oil Painting

Measuring 31" x 41" this painting from ebay seller cadashster is totally awesome. I wish I had a place to put it! What's even better, you can buy it now for $125.00. That's a steal. You must click on over and look at the up close photos. Enjoy!

Porcelain Leaf Vases

by Julie Miles. Enjoy!

Retro North Star Dishware

10 place settings with 15 extra pieces from ebay seller sawyer62. Current bid is $26.00 with 3 days to go. Enjoy and good luck!

Silhouette plates

from etsy seller gruenetree for $10.00 bucks a pop. Enjoy!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Have a thankfully

blissful Thanksgiving with one of these spectacular arrangements adorning your table. Check out Better Homes & Gardens website for tons of ideas. Enjoy!


Golden salt and pepper shakers from etsy seller ursula for $9.00. Be sure and check out the matching coffee pot. Enjoy!

Eno Studio

Love these candleholders designed by Arik Levy for Eno. Enjoy!

George Briard

via Kris's Color Stripes. If you're intrigued, there's a lovely vintage hotplate up for grabs on ebay in this same colorway. Very retro. Starting bid is $3.99. Check it out here.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Color Therapy

All these fantastic colors in one singular home. It can be done. Color your life. (images from Kathy Dalwood Design)

Dish Towels...but not really

Pieces of art posing as dish towels from dottieangel. Enjoy!

Pineapple Quartz and Copper Necklace

from etsy seller laurrose. Enjoy!

3 of us

Original painting from etsy seller aliette. Enjoy!

Where can I buy that?

This is a new series I'm starting that will cover products I've seen in images and magazines that I love, but have no idea where to buy. It totally drives me crazy when I come across a must have item and have no clue where to buy it. If you've fallen victim to this crime please feel free to email in your own images and we'll see if we can't track it down.

Today's item is this white faux stump table shown here in Casa Sugar's West Elm Makeover room. I've scoured West Elm's site and have yet to see hide or hair of this table. I want it. I must have it. Got any ideas where it came from?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Log Slice Gift Tag Set

from Small Stump. Enjoy!

Unchartered Waters

Stationery set from etsy seller juniperberry. Enjoy!

Vintage English Tin

from etsy seller DandelionGirl. Enjoy!

Oh deer!

Screen printed porcelain silhouette on brown paper from etsy seller lucaslepola. Measures 21.5″ by 15.5″for $44.00. Enjoy!

The Type Junkie

Color photographic print of letterpress collection from thetypejunkie. 5 x 7 for $7.00. Enjoy.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Original art

from Michelle Moode, "Red with Grass" for $20.00. Enjoy!

Mum's the word...

Pristine chrysanthemum photo from etsy seller Campbellphoto. Enjoy!

White Cindy bracelet

from Christinebijoux for $19.00. I love her work. Enjoy!

Eiffle Tower Cushion

via decoclico. Enjoy!

DIY fall table runner

using a stencil or rubber stamps with fabric or craft paint on linen via Better Homes and Gardens. Enjoy!

While I'm not a big fan of silver...

I do love quirky and this camel teapot from Pottery Barn hits the spot. Enjoy!

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