Thursday, June 28, 2007

My Pod or Yours

Print of a mixed media collage from etsy seller Dazeychic for $20.00. Enjoy!

How coincidental is this?

On Tuesday I was enjoying this black and white room from Homes and Gardens website and I saved it for future reference. One of the main attractions for me was the framed bull over the chest of drawers due to my most recent and unexplained obsession with bovine art.

Yesterday I was browsing Gotham Notting Hill's room settings and left the browser window open. This morning I began to close out my open windows when I decided to look around some more. I checked out the photograph section and lo and behold there was that photo! It is "La Mancha" by Stuart Redler. A pretty penny it cost, but it's a fantastic photo and I'm pretty much positive it is the exact same photo as the one in the room above. How weird is that?

Marcelo Suaznabar

I am in love with this painting of Marcelo Suaznabar. I want it! Check out his other works here and here. Enjoy!


Procrastination paperweight from iPop available at Parkside Papers for $25.00. Dare I say don't delay in getting your own? :) Enjoy!

Sorbet Tableware

Ibride for Habitat. Enjoy! (Image via Nuevo Estilo)

Dominic Crinson Wallpaper

Hi-tech wallpaper I actually like. It doesn't come off as cold and calculated. Enjoy! :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly....

I received an email from Anssi about a website called Normal Room which has images of homes from all over the world. There's lot's of interesting places, such as Ethiopia, New Zealand and Argentina. All photos are uploaded by users, which means you can upload too! Some homes are beautiful, some are boring, and some are just bad. It's a great place to surf for inspiration and a place to share your own space as well. Be sure and check it out. Below are a few of my favs. Thanks Anssi. :)

From user so sylvie.

From user jb.

From user Paul Vickers.

Elesavet Lawson

News from Elesavet Lawson. First up, Blood of a Prince, her lastest masterpiece. Her use of color is so magical.

Starting July 1st prints of 4FT Deep will be available at Pretty Darn Swell. A portion of the sale of each print will be donated to WWF-CANADA.

In the meantime, check out this lovely floral notecard set comprised of the works of Elesavet, Cathy Nichols, Erica Bowman and Laura E. Horning available at Pretty Darn Swell for $20.00.

Vintage Pop Flowers Mugs

$12.00 for the set of 4 from etsy seller Quiet. Enjoy!

Jonathan Alder

New Jade Bird Bowls available online only. Love the color. Check them out.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Christine Bijoux

Claudia bracelets in Green, Gold and Turquoise up for grabs on etsy at $30.00 each. Enjoy!

Suzanne Kasler

Magnificent use of color in all the right places. What a talent. Enjoy!

Small Stump

Has three sets left of their Birch Bark Tubes. $18.00 for a set of four. Better get them before they're gone!

Ingrid Anderson Contemporary Textile Design

All designs are handprinted, made in New Zealand and inspired by New Zealand. Some really gorgeous botanical prints. Enjoy!

A Beanbag Any Mother Could Love...

This Florence Broadhurst beanbag is available for purchase at Uno Design for $239.00. But seriously, how gorgeous is it? Now consider all the possibilities of making your own beanbag, or having it made, for that matter, out of the fabric of your own choosing. No more ugly, vinyl, stick-to-the-back-or-your-legs-and-make-you-sweat beanbags. Enjoy and be inspired!


Drey from Bijou Kaleidoscope tagged me, which means I now have to share 7 facts with you about myself. The people who know me and read this blog could probably give you 7 more interesting facts, but that's what the "permanently delete comment" tab is for. :) So, here goes...

1. I have a chronic habit of starting things I never finish.

2. I met my closest friend four years ago over the internet while hunting down a serial killer. (envisioning you all mentally bookmarking me as crazeeeee.) ;)

3. My husband has yet to buy me a single thing I've blogged about....dear. :)

4. I love my children to pieces.


Monday, June 25, 2007

Vintage Pink Daisy Pin

from etsy seller Oh Two Vintage for just $10.00! Enjoy!

Sit Arounds...

Decorative accessories are a great way to personalize your home decor. I strongly feel each piece should be something you have a great love/attraction for. Speaking of which, I believe we're going to see an upcoming trend in statuary items, particularly horses. One of my favorite statuary items comes from Royal Haeger. I purchase my swordfish about a month ago and it gives me great joy each time I see it. It was exactly what I had been looking for.

Along with your local flea markets, Ebay is a great source for Royal Haeger items. Here are a few of my favorites currently up for auction.

Horse Head starting bid $0.99 with 6 days left

Peacock Vase starting bid $9.99 with 5 days left

Horse Head Lamp current bid $31.00 with 2 days

Horse Head starting bid $9.99 with 2 days left

Black Gazelle current bid $36.01 with 7 hours left


Fabulous stencils and paints from Henny Donovan Motif giving you the power to create your own wallpaper, fabric and art. Some really beautiful patterns. Enjoy!

Original Mixed Media Collage

from Jennifer Kerr. 6" x 12" for $24.50. Enjoy!

New Window Films

Available at Target online only. My two favorites are the textured and the lines. Enjoy!

Horchow New Arrivals...

Happy Stars rug in red or blue from $359.00 to $779.00.

Carnivale Pendant Light. for $149.00.

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