Friday, January 04, 2008

Vintage TV Trays

via etsy seller chutneycoast. Enjoy!

I can't live without a Poni...

Fantastic sketches and paintings via her flickr account. Enjoy!

Ceramic Piggy Bank

via Blue Bell Bazaar. Enjoy!

Lovin this potholder

from etsy seller beanpicklesprout. $13.00 right here. Enjoy!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Vibe Bredahl

Some amazing art from Vibe Bredahl. Her site isn't quite complete yet so not a whole lot of images, but from her gallery showings and what I have seen she has a very interesting body of work. Enjoy!


from Lars Rank. Some really gorgeous products. Enjoy!

Wicked Wall Treatments

from Jemma Ooi. I'm currently in the process of writing in to find out more about the "Scratch" series shown above. I'll be sharing that with you ASAP. In the meantime, enjoy!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Poppy Handmade

Be sure and click on over to Poppy Handmade and pick up a few items before their Holiday sale ends this Friday, the 4th. Enjoy!

Now that the Holly Daze are over...

Enjoy these fresh pillows from Holly Daze available at Wilkins and Kent along with these gorgeous ceramics from Steve Howkins!

Happy New Year!

I'm off to meet my nephew who was born this a.m. Will be back this afternoon. In the meantime, enjoy these fabulous works on paper by Marina Shterenburg.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

January's Artist/Designer of the Month

Francois Legault is a young lamp designer living in Montreal, Canada.

For the last 9 years he has designed and built custom made decorative lighting fixtures for restaurants, bars, market, hotels, etc, and this fall he issued his first commercial collection; "Kitchen", Coffee" and "Spoon". The collection is comprised of 15 models in total, with many variations possible, all made with utensiles and tableware, and a lot made with recycled materials.

These collections can be seen via the manufacturer's web site Just click on those collections with Francois' name. For those interested in more information about Francois and his work you can contact him here. Be on the lookout for more of Francois' fabulous designs throughout the month of January.

Thanks to all who submitted. I received some awesome emails with incredible work, all of which will be eligible for February's Artist/Designer of the month. I'm so excited. So please, if you're interested in entering the monthly contest read more about it here.

Thanks and enjoy!

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