Friday, May 18, 2007

New Print from Yellena....

Origami is $20.00 for an 8.5" x 11" print. Enjoy!


That's so not fair. Ikea for Summer 2007 has some great products at some great prices. Unfortunately, two of my favorites are not available in the USA. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. These gorgeous tealight hurricanes and Torenia bedding would be my top picks, but alas, it's a no go. (I stand corrected. Possibly I should get my eyes checked. I now see the Torenia bedding online, but not the hurricanes. However, Elizabeth from A Browner Brown says she has seen the hurricanes displayed in a California Ikea so perhaps there's hope yet.) UPDATE: I'VE BEEN A CRY BABY FOR NAUGHT. THEY'RE ALL AVAILABLE IN THE USA. CHALK IT UP TO NOT SEEING THE FOREST FOR THE TREES, BEING BLINDED BY JEALOUSY, MY FINGER IN MY EYE, WEARING SUNGLASSES AT NIGHT...etc, etc., etc. ;)

On the bright side, these are my picks for those living Stateside.

HEDDA LÖV curtains, $29.99 for a two pack! Hedda rug $249.00.

Hemnes bedside table $99.99; Gilbert Chair $49.99; Hedda cushion cover $4.99.

Katrina fabrics $4.99 per yard.

Hedda Band Quilt Cover $24.99.

Just Baubling Along...

Some great contemporary baubles from etsy seller Angry Artisan ranging from $30.00 to $50.00. Enjoy!


Spring 2007. Enjoy!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

David Ellis

What an amazing talent. I love his Speaker Tree letterpress. It's so urban, yet so elegant. An original edition of 200 with 48 now available, the 17 1/2" h x 22 7/8" w piece is priced at $400.00 via Original Multiples. It is well worth the price. David's website, , is a must see, from these stacked vinyl records (what a great idea for an art installation and something all of us can be inspired by) to this graffitied barn. But whatever you do, do not overlook his motion paintings. Awesome! Enjoy.


We all need a little bit, in one form or another, but this table is ewwwwwwwwwww gross. I bought it for $10.00 down at the local hunt and find with the idea of a 2 for 1. First, folding it up and using it as a fireplace cover during the summer and second, using it as a game table/tv table at will. After stripping off the contact paper, I plan to give it a nice bright white coat of paint in preparation for a sunny yellow patterned top similar to the Anthropologie ad below as seen on Design Sponge. I'm hoping it will be a nice mix of traditional and funky, which is what I'm all about. I'll be sure and share the finished product with you some time next week. Wish me luck!

Listen to me "Babel"...

Communication barriers are cumbersome and frustrating, but I have only myself to blame. This beautiful room, whose preserved ancient wallpaper stole my breath (the blue and white are and white) is from Parisian Decorator Michel Hubert's home in the hamlet of Gignac, but the image is from the Russian website Lui. Having said that, I speak no Russian so I'm crossing fingers and toes that the details I'm providing are at least half correct. Anyway, this post is all about the wallpaper and color. Enjoy and be inspired!

The influence of the Chinese

beginning with Chinoiserie. I'm usually more casual in my own home decor, but I've recently been intrigued by the influence of the Chinese and feel a touch here or there works well in the contemporary home. Here are some current pieces I love and the places where you can find them. For cheaper alternatives try ebay or your local flea market. It's everywhere. Enjoy!

Wallpaper from de Gournay.

Tableware from Jasper Conran.

Occasional table from Chapman Radcliff Home.

Chinoiserie bedding from Dwell.

Kinsey Cabinet from Pottery Barn.

Throw pillows from Thomas Paul.

Ceramic garden stool from Williams Sonoma.

Foo Dogs from Williams Sonoma.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I have a certain affection

for markers and pencils, especially when they're originals. I love this unique original from etsy seller Plastic Pumpkin. Measuring 9" x 12" and priced at $20.00. Enjoy it!

Let your curtains do the talking...

These curtains are fabulous. Such a huge statement in such a simple room. Wow. Not a pattern I would automatically think of when considering curtains, especially in such formal surroundings. Definitely one for the inspiration pages. Love it! Images via Nuevo Estilo.

Bloom Linens

from Casa Alvarinho. Enjoy!

Modern Retroistic Goodies

Ha! Nothing like a good oxymoron to start off the day. Fabulous baubles from Carla Belchior via A Outra Face da Lua. Be inspired!

Fabulous New Lighting

from Jonathan Adler . Check it out!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


screen printed silhouettes from etsy seller Victrola35 at $15.00. Enjoy!

Two wowing wallpapers

from Ebay seller U-Turn. Go here and here. Enjoy!

Adorable cushions

by Maxine Pharoah available at Not on the High Street. Enjoy!

Monday, May 14, 2007

For the pop pet lover in you!

Limited edition prints of original collages by etsy seller mxaxm . They never sell more than 25 original prints. I have to say these are patterny fantastic at just $20.00 each. Enjoy!

Love it!

So, last week I was perusing Recurring Pattern's blog when I came across this styled photo of an Angela Adams rug.

The topic of conversation, however, was not the rug, but the patterned wall. Where did it come from? As it turns out, the wall is a mural created by the well known Karen Gelardi and Patrick Corrigan. The botanical form and pinecone cards are samples of Karen's fantastic work, while the painted tile patterned panels are Patrick's. I would love to see more of Patrick's work if anybody out there knows where to find them. Thanks. :)

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