Friday, September 07, 2007

Definitely a piece worth shelling out for...

This vintage shell bag from ebay seller vintagehandbagsandmore is cleverly sophisticated. A unique item and fabulous fall accessory. Enjoy!

Dancing Peacock

Dancing Peacock, 12" x 10", an original acrylic painting on paper by etsy seller lavanyarl and it's just $7.00.

Vintage Ceramic Ram

Similar in style to the Jonathan Adler Menagerie Line, this vintage ceramic ram is happy chic in all of its retro green glory. Enjoy!

For Jules...

Finally, for Jules, I have come up with a suggestion for how to add that "wow" factor to what already is a fabulous space. As you can see Julian has impeccable taste, from his art to his table and chairs to his newly remodeled kitchen. It's a great space as is, which made it difficult for me to improve upon. And, with Julian being a male, well, the pressure was on. I decided to keep it simple. Just adding a few touches of wow that were simple, but bold and hopefully masculine.

My suggestions for Jules are quite simple. Pick up this "wowing" Vintage Red Wing Smart Set Large Salad Bowl. The colors are perfect and the graphics, well, they wow. It can be used multipurposely - 1st as an accessory by displaying it on the counter (I would purchase a stand/easel to sit it on) and for serving those delicious salads he's known to whip up. Jules, you can purchase this bowl with the buy it now option on Ebay for just $32.99. That's a deal. If you like it, since it's vintage, I'd purchase it ASAP because it will be gone and there aren't alot lying around. :)

Second, I would remove the art to the right of the sink and replace it with three of these 5 1/4" black square plates at just $4.69 each. Or, I'd remove the art to the right of the sink, leaving that wall bare and hang the plates over the sink. I've tried to think of something clever and wowing to glue in the center of them but nothing has stood out for me yet. If anyone else has an idea for this, please share. But even without the extra, the black square plates alone will make a cool pop against your wall, plus add a touch of masculinity. :)

And that's it. Plain and simple and wow. But as always, these are merely my suggestions. I'm sure others will have clever ideas and wowing options to share in the comments below. :)

There's no place like home...

Although I am not a fan of type on decorative objects (I know, I know) etsy seller pillowhead's "Home" pillow speaks to me. It just says"home". :) Enjoy! (She also makes the floral printed pillow as well.)

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Spoon Feed Me...

So, lately I've got spoons on the mind, from Heather's new tea towels, to Lady Di's great find, to my husband cooking me dinner and asking "Where's the wooden spoons?" and my sheepish reply of "We don't have any." I feel as though my life is is not quite full without these wooden spoons, being that everyone else seems to have a fabulous collection and I have not one.

Ebay, as always, has the cure to what ails me. A spectacular array of spoons for sale from ebay seller winningtreasures. I'm pondering whether I should actually buy them, or simply frame the picture. ;) Enjoy!

Definitely not marginal...

Cute prints from etsy seller margin. Love these flamingos. $20.00 right here. Enjoy!

I absolutely love

these pendant lights from Tom Dixon. They're hand-beaten brass with a black patinated exterior. Ahh. I want them. Available in October of 2007. Enjoy!

Say it in French...

If only I could. This vintage notebook from blacksheepyarns is only $9.75. Billed for collage scraps sure, but can you imagine matting and framing this cover? So doable and so affordable and so unique. Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Vintage Lucite Bracelet

Stunning. That's all...just stunning. From ebay seller old blue dog. Bidding ends in 11 hours. Enjoy!

Dead Bird Finds the Best Stuff

Love this vintage celluloid necklace up for sale from deadbirdfinds. $14.00 right here. Enjoy!

Turtle Papers

at etsy. Cute prints for just $10.00. So sweet in a frame. Enjoy!

Another conversation piece

Love this vintage ashtray. Whether your smoke or not, it's cool. Enjoy!

Gorgeous Vintage Capiz Pendant

from ebay seller orionlover7. Enjoy!

New Tea Towels from Heather Moore

Available at etsy. Read more about them here. Enjoy!

Beautiful Vintage Decanter

Such a cool piece. Something you can look at and wonder about. For sale from ebay seller brender777. Please, somebody buy it before I do. ;)

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Cool Vintage Fixture..

for sale on Ebay. You can bid it out or buy it now for for $49.50. Enjoy!

Sweet print from yumiyumi

Get it for $20.00 right here. Enjoy!

Wall Stickers Done Right

Great use of wall stickers. Image via Nuevo Estilo. Stickers from Caselio. Enjoy!

Fabulous Retro Pitcher

I love the pattern and colors in this pitcher. Totally vintage. Check it out here. Enjoy!

Lorena Siminovich

Love these prints of Lorena Siminovich's work available through Anthropologie. There's a peacock in this set too. :) Enjoy!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Ana Romero Monteiro

I received an email from Ana informing me of her new Cafe Press Store. She has some really adorable items, from coasters to mugs to journals. Great patterns Ana. Enjoy!

Vintage Lacquer Ware Coasters with Contained

So cute, retro 1960's coasters from ebay seller teacher91298. Enjoy!

Posters are Pretty too...

Gorgeous fine art giclee reproductions of old vintage posters from ebay seller wonderfulart. Fine prints on professional media, heavyweight matte paper. Not to mention the prices are ridiculously cheap. Enjoy!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

If you love silhouettes...

you'll love these vintage bookends from ebay seller jillyman0. Current bid is $2.01. Bidding ends in 2 hours. Enjoy!

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