Friday, August 17, 2007

Grey Loves Pink Loves Brown...

This glasses magnet from Pink Loves Brown is on my list of cutest things I've seen. I'm also loving the faux butterfly shadowboxes. So now. :)

Birds and Blossoms - Vintage Embroidery

This is an original vintage embroidered piece. Lovely. Measures approximately 5 3/4 " x 6 3/4". Has a wire on the back for hanging. $18.00 right here. Enjoy!

Not for sale...

I came across these Stakmore folding chairs yesterday and fell in love. I got a set of four for $ I love the cutout design on the back and the green color of the seat. I'm thinking a thorough cleaning, new coat of paint, and some similar green velvet to recover those seats and I'm in heaven. Especially when I compare it to the price of West Elm's Overlapping Square Chair that I've been eyeing. I just wanted to share my find with people who can appreciate it and share in my glee. :)


These blankets from Target would make some awesome curtains I'm thinking. Measuring up to 108" you could easily get floor to ceiling length out of them, even if you sewed in a rod pocket. Ranging from $13.99 to $19.99, they're almost too cheap not to try it.

Original Pen & Ink Illustration

9 x 12 inches from etsy seller Willems for just $8.00. Enjoy!


I saved the image of this bedroom from Nuevo Estilo for inspiration. I love how this room is void of furniture. Even the bed appears to be part of the floor. My bedroom furniture is weighing me down lately and I'm contemplating on how to make the room feel "lighter". I also love how the chandelier is hung to the side of the bed and almost at lamp level. Clever. Enjoy!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Vintage Original Retro Painting

A fabulous little piece of art. This is an original framed vintage painting signed with the initials NL. It measures 5" x 7" and is even sweeter in person. $12.00 right here. Enjoy!


Lately I have been attracted to pink, orange and brown combos. Now, I just need an available room to try it out in. :)

Love the colors in this capiz light from Lulu Living. Enjoy!

Urban Heirlooms

Awesome leather wallet from etsy seller urbanheirlooms. Pricey, but wow!

Floor to Heaven

I can't think of a more fitting name for such beautiful work. Floor to Heaven. Enjoy!

Color wheel...

If you haven't visited Lori's blog, Just Nesting, and viewed the photos of her home, it's a must. She definitely knows her way around a color wheel. Great use of color and something to be inspired by. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Just in time for fall...

Totally retro caramel colored coffee mugs with a fantastic floral relief pattern. They're stackable with a double fingered handle. Almost too cool to drink out of. Would look awesome hanging from underneath cabinets or sitting in your window sill. $6.00 for the set of 3.

Cool Tea Towel

Love the chair graphics on this tea towel from Rocket St. George .

Amazonite Copper Pendant

from etsy seller Hummingbird13. For $14.00 it's an affordable eye-catching accessory for fall and the color is right on.

Fashion Forward...

I saw this piece on about bringing the fall fashion colors into your home. I failed to bookmark the exact spot, but check out HGTV and I'm sure you'll come across it. In the meantime, here were their color choices for making your home fashion forward. Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Vintage Dinnerware - very retro

Fabulous vintage Star Glow dinnerware from Royal China. Very retro-atomic-eames style. Set includes four 10" dinner plates and four 5.5" berry bowls. These would look great around your table, but even better displayed on a wall. Enjoy!

Rocio Rodriguez

via Fay Gold Gallery. Yummmmmmmmy! Enjoy!

Just one more...

of my favorite Madeline Stuart rooms. I love her use of art here and the fact that the sconces above the fireplace are white. My instincts would have been to go for contrast here, but that would have totally ruined the look. Love it.

So cute...

Love these gift tags from etsy seller SugarcubeDesign . The price is right at $3.25 for a pack of ten. Enjoy! is a great new site combining Home Magazine, Metropolitan Home Magazine, Elle D├ęcor, and Woman’s Day Special Interest Publications into one website. The website just recently launched and is chock-full of features. My favorite is the Room Finder. It pulled up these fabulous entryways for me. Be sure and check it out and know that it's over in my link list for your easy reference. Enjoy!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Mini Announcement

Due to my love for all things vintage and the fact that I can only justify so many purchases for myself, I have decided to sell weekly flea market finds on etsy. My goal is to offer unique, decorative and usable vintage items at an affordable price. Each piece represents someone else's past and possibly your future.

Today is my first listing, a vintage set of drinking glasses with an Anthropologie look. $25.00 for the set of 6. I hope you enjoy my finds!

Red Hot!

Red horn and gold necklace from etsy seller Skorch for $20.00. Enjoy!

Design Star - Episode 3

My favorite Design Star challenge is the blank room. It's where David Bromstad's talent emerged in the first season, IMO, and may be the challenge to note for this season as well. Make sure you check out Vern's Design Tips for this episode. A great read.

As shown below, each contestant was given a blank room, two cans of paint, and $399.00 to spend at the Dollar Store. Creativity was a must and Christina's room was the winner for me. Making laundry baskets look chic requires talent.

To view all the rooms and derive your own conclusions click here.

Room Envy

From the art on the walls to the rustic fireplace to the vintage chandeliers, this room is to be envied. Designed by Madeline Stuart, as seen in Elle Decor's July/August 2007 issue.

The art chosen for this room couldn't be more perfect. From the hands of the late Edward Dugmore, you can see more of his work here.

And the etchings of Richard Serra's Venice Notebook Series prove that simplicity in multiples makes a huge statement. I'm considering digging out my black paint and creating something similar for myself. Enjoy and be inspired!

Onion Blooms

Polaroid print from etsy seller jerseymaids for $12.00. Enjoy!

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