Friday, February 16, 2007

Ebay Alert!!!

Fabulous Vintage 1970's Medallion Fabric for sale by Atomic Textiles. $32.95 per yard, only 4 yards available.

My Internet purchases for this week...hope hubby isn't reading

Fabulous earrings from etsy seller Juicy Glass Jewels at the fantastic price of $5.00.

Gorgeous print from etsy seller Photo Bird for the great price of $15.00. (Thanks to Design Sponge for the introduction.)

This wonderful fabric from Contemporary Cloth from which I hope to make fantasticci (I think it reads better with two cs) pillows at the price of $8.75 per yard. (Thanks to Holly at Decor8 for the 10% discount)

I'm speechless...really

Kenn Munk has created these interesting DIY antler trophy kits. Either use one of his designs or decorate your own. I am seriously contemplating buying this. It's just so...unique. As well, he also has some free stencils available on his site among the many, many, many, many other interesting things. It is a must visit site. Do it now! Enjoy!

On a nature kick...Tanja Moeller Jensen

Love, love, love, love, love, love, love the work of Tanja Moeller Jensen! What else can I say? Click on each photo for a larger view and by all means, visit her site!

Back down to earth...

I'm really liking the earth tones in these hand painted tiles from Lubna Chowdhary.

Another one of my favorite things...

This console you see here used to be one of my LEAST favorite things. It was an ugly beast with a detestable colored wood and a hideous marble top. I had kept it up to this point because it was a "gimme" and it was very useful where storage was concerned, but I had had my fill. It was history. I tried to sell it, unsuccessfully so. I couldn't give it away when I tried. It was that ugly. The only possible solution for me now was paint. I've been known to slap a coat of paint on just about anything that's not moving so I figured "Why not? It couldn't look any worse." I painted the undercoat a brick red and then did a black glaze for the top coat. I kilzed the marble top and then painted it brick red too. I'm quite happy with the end result. It's now a piece I can live with and even enjoy.

I thought I would share a an easy DIY tip with you. I don't do fake flowers...ever. It's either real or nothing at all for me, but sometimes that just isn't practical. A colorful solution for me was to layer colored sand in a large glass vase. I always get compliments and it was so easy to do. Not everybody's cup of tea but maybe beneficial to one of you out there. Enjoy!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Something old, something new...

Not a new design, but definitely a creation that inspires me, these war bowls by Mosley meets Wilcox are simply brilliant. Their minds, individually and combined, have created some incredible works of art. Make sure you thoroughly visit every crack and cranny of their personal and combined sites. Enjoy!

Rock, Scissors, Paper...

Okay, sans the rocks, these paper cuttings by Justin Gilvray are fantastici (new word I just made up or a typo I'm too lazy to fix?). Unique works of art. To learn more about Justin visit Twist Art & Design . There you can request more information about Justin. He does accept commissions. Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Geometric Storage Unit

The other day Casapinka was discussing how sometimes having an item custom built is cost effective and of greater quality. I would have to agree. I promised to share a picture of my own custom built piece which somewhat, okay mostly, resembles West Elm's Geometric Storage Unit. My neighbor created this for me and I have to say it is one of my favorite things. I still have a few shelves to fill but am waiting on the perfect piece to fill it.

Who knew silver could be so hip?

Sonja Seidl reinvents the term "silversmith" for me. Stunning works of art and jewelry. Truly original.

It's a must!

I highly recommend you visit the website of Mark Bickers to fully appreciate his glass pendant lighting. It's in flash so I only have one photo to share with you here. It's a must! Absolutely, positively, exceptionally good. (I know there's something grammatically incorrect about that sentence but I just can't put my finger on it. :)

Parlez Vous Francois?

Ahh, me neither, but I do speak design and I love the collection of tableware offered by Deshoulieres. It was so hard to pick just one photo for display so please excuse my greediness.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

He had me at hello...

Gorgeous translucent porcelain vessels by Tim Gee.

Drifting away again...

I am really enjoying the driftwood trend. These pieces from Devon Driftwood Designs are no exception. Make sure you browse their site and take in all of the products they offer. Some really beautiful pieces. The mirror below is gorgeous and I love the clock. If too pricey, don't say I told you so, but I can totally see how one could turn the clock below into a fairly simple DIY. It would make a great statement piece on a wall and so much better than the expected ordinary ones. Enjoy!


Yesterday Grace, over at D*s, put up a photo of a peek inside Amy Ruppel's adorable home. One of my biggest challenges is arrangement and I must say Amy's home looks so together. Everything in just the right spot. I really enjoyed her fruit bowl and wanted to see if I could find one similar. Although not quite the same, these enamelware bowls off Ebay do create the same look. I especially love the yellow. Enjoy!

Finel Mod Sunflower bowl currently going for $30.99 with 1 day 3 hours to go.

Finel Arabia Red Flower bowl, starting bid $14.95 with 3 days 10 hours to go.

You knew it was coming...

It's been 10 posts since I last mentioned our fine feathered friend so you knew it was coming. I threw in a sheep for good measure. I love these tiles by Dora Faix. Absolutely lovely. Check them out here. Enjoy!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Classic, quirky, unique and beautiful...Ruth Collis Ceramics

Gorgeous ceramics from Ruth Collis. Classic, quirky, unique and beautiful. Read more here.

Etsy Seller mlee

Fabulous original woodcut prints from etsy seller mlee. So many great things in this shop. Check her out.

Fall Breeze

Red Coral

Ebay finds for the retro lover in you...

Yellow and white Demitasse mugs from atonk. Starting bid $4.99 with 4 days and 2 hours to go.

1950's serving bowl from Elmwood Cottage Collectibles. Currently going for $17.50 with 3 days and 8 hours to go.

1950's atomic dinneware from queenlatoofa. Contains 8 dinner plates, 8 salad or dessert plates, 8 berry bowls, 8 cups, 1 vegetable bowl, 2 platters. Currently going for $49.00 with 3 days 8 hours to go.

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