Friday, October 05, 2007


One of a kind baubles from etsy seller Portobello. Lovely. Plus, she's having a buy one get the second 50% off sale through October 8th! Enjoy!

Gorgeous Handknitted Scarf

from Claudine Marcelle with a fantastic Chevron design. Love the warm colors. I can feel my neck blushing already. Enjoy!

Not all Fs are bad...

Such as Fall, Fair & Fun. Can you feel it in the air? It's my favorite time of year, which makes me love this fair print from dandytree. 6 x 6 for $15.00 right here. Enjoy!

Fabulous Felt Cushions

from etsy seller karenhiltondesigns. It love them in color coordinated groupings. Enjoy!

Another idea for the bedroom...

I like the idea of two identical twins/doubles dressed in identical bedding and placed side by side. It gives you closeness and sameness, yet separates, allowing you to have your own personal space in the bed, which makes sleeping oh so much sounder. (image via Nuevo Estilo)

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Another piece of "art" I'm digging....

"Flight" from modernradar. Enjoy!

They're art...not cards

Essimar's screenprinted cards are works of art just waiting to be framed. At $5.00 a pop, they're ridiculously affordable. Enjoy!

Of Paper and Thread....

Love this mod patterned tea towel from Of Paper and Thread via their etsy shop. $10.50 right here.


In case you haven't clicked over on the Must Read link to lsaspacey's blog and read about this great DIY idea, let me divulge. It's a great project straight out of ReadyMade magazine using paint sample chips to create a mosaic tabletop design which is then topped off with a protective glass top.

All I can say is think of the possibilities! Consider using the scrapbooking paper punches. They come in squares, rounded rectangles and circles. You could create a scale type pattern using the rounded circles with a monochromatic color scheme in all blues or greys or greens or creams. And best of all, paint chips are free. Somebody quick! I need a table! Enjoy and be inspired people! :)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


New print from Yellena via her etsy store. You can get it for $18.00 right here. She will also be adding new originals soon so keep an eye out. I am now the proud owner of an original thanks to Yellena and I enjoy it every day.

West Elm Wonders...

Love their new Koi Lamp...

and the fabulous colors in their Brick Lane Pillow Cover. Enjoy!

Ana Tarantino

One of Ana's pieces is currently available via 20 x 200, but I encourage you to visit her website and check out her portfolio. Her "breat portrait" series, which involves blown ink, makes me tingle. Enjoy!

A picture is worth a thousand words...

and a million memories if they're by Robert Treader. I love his style and chosen subjects. Fabulous. For sale via his etsy store. Check him out.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Cute prints and gorgeous photos

from Darlene Shiels via etsy. Check out flowerprints for her fantastic photography and dshiels for her graphic prints. Enjoy!

Vintage White Bangle

$7.00 from etsy seller sweetrice.

Drip Dry Dinnerware

from giffen'termeer. So quirky. Love it!

The Shiny Squirrel

Michelle Armas's prints are now available via The Shiny Squirrel. They're printed in a limited number of 20 so you better get yours while you can. Also, be sure and check out the other great artists Jessica signed up. Great stuff. Enjoy!

Monday, October 01, 2007


Let me just say that my Ketchaus clock arrived last week and it's even better in person. I am so pleased. FYI, they have added a new Sapele, along with a Maple and Layered Plywood version. All for $30.00 each. Truly worth it. Enjoy!

Unique Style

I'm really enjoying Jeff Page's collage art. They have a great mid-century feel and with matching frames to pull them together, they would look great hung in triptychs. The one pictured below is $25.00 right here. Enjoy!

Art can come in the simplest of forms...

and the most creative of ways. Daniel Eatock has a mind like no other.

His website is full of innovation and creation.

Definitely something you should check out. Enjoy!

In Your Element

Fun, festive porcelain dishware available at In Your Element. Enjoy!

Shades of Light

Mercury Glass pendant available for $125.00 from Shades of Light.

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