Friday, April 13, 2007

It's That Time Again....Art-e-facts

I love doing these posts, as I've said before, because they so easily show you what a dramatic effect art has on a room and how easily one piece can change the mood. I wanted to present a larger variety of choices today, trying to appeal to as many different tastes as possible. This time I'm going to save my opinion for later, after I hear what you all have to say. I really enjoy reading each of your thoughts and views. It's just so interesting to see who chooses what and why. So, here we go...

Today's room is, again, from Nuevo Estilo . Very simple, minimalistic decor with bare walls. The perfect room for us to play with. :)

First up is Cafe Close-Up by Hooshang Khorasani. I literally tipped it on its side. I have a tendency to do this with an abstract piece when I see something different than what was intended.

Next up is the very well known Solitude by David Winston.

Here we have Destination Rome by Tina Chaden.

For a return to the abstract this is Snow Gum Tree Bark by Jason Edwards.

And last, but not least, Row of Music Records Germany by Panoramic Images.

So, you tell me. Which will it be?

Concrete at its softest...

By Tove Adman. Enjoy!

Wilson Hsu

I love this work by Wilson Hsu available at Thumbtack Press. Enjoy!

Minna Rundberg

I love her simple designs. They make such a bold statement. Check out her site.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Wendy Ryan

I became a fan of Wendy Ryan's years ago when I came across her work on Ebay. Her talent is instantly recognizable and if you collect art you must have one of her pieces in your collection. I have no doubt they're a great investment. As you can see below, Wendy's favorite subject is Frida Kahlo and to me, what she does for Frida is similar to what Leo did for Mona. Absolutely beautiful. Wendy has a large selection of her work up for grabs on etsy. I'm sure you'll enjoy browsing.

Ceannis Spring/Summer 2007


I love these marble coaster sets from Elsewares. They have a design to fit almost every style. Enjoy!

Restoration Hardware & Sara Paloma

If you're a patron of Restoration Hardware and recently received their Spring 2007 catalogue and fell in love with the cover page pottery only to disappointingly find it nowhere in sight on the pages of the magazine have no fear. The lovely pieces were handmade in California by Sara Paloma. If you would like to know how/where to purchase her work you can visit her site and contact her via email. You can also browse through her breathtaking collection of work available.

via The Artist's Life

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Repro Depot

Love these two fabrics from Repro Depot, especially when combined. Uptown Aunt Dotty's and Uptown Couch Orange are both $8.50 per yard. Enjoy!

Luz Y Diseno

If you love lamps, more importantly, lampshades, you'll have to trust me when I say this is a site to check out. They have some great shades, including a crochet design that's outta this world gorgeous. Unfortunately, I came up against my arch nemesis (flash) so these are the only photos you'll have to go on until you check it out. :)

2 and Fro

A visual blog of the daily commute made by Bueller Designs. This is her attempt to make the mundane chore that is a commute interesting, and from the looks of it, I'd say she's done one heck of a job. She puts up two photos a day, one taken on the way to work, and one on the way home. The bonus of it all, Alysia has an etsy store named "Bueller" where you can purchase prints of these photos as well as photos from other collections. She really has some great ones to choose from. Be sure and browse her sold items as well. Enjoy! :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I believe art is THE essential accessory in personalizing and creating a mood for a room. I had fun tooling around with "photoshop" last week so I thought I'd play again. This week's original room is a design by Luis Puerta as shown in Nuevo Estilo. It's a serene room, very natural, very demure. The original art is a subtle contemporary piece. I'm still trying to decide if I like it or not.

In order to bring a bit of warmth to the room I decided to try "Pines" by K. Grob.

For a touch of fun I went with "Willows" by Natasha Wescoat.

And last, in an attempt to stay true to the original atmosphere of the room, I went with "Dawn" by Mark Pulliam.

In the end, I'd have to say my choice is "Dawn". It's just bold enough for me and just subtle enough for the room. What do you think?

Limited Edition

Gocco print by Etsy seller restlessthings entitled "Rise". This is a small edition of 10 signed and dated gocco prints on an old, blank book page. Print size is approx. 5 x 7.75" max (some prints are smaller as pages came from different books). Enjoy!

Three things I purchased over the weekend...

I bought a pair of these lamps for $15.00 a piece. They originally had wood grain vinyl decals in the grooves of the swirls, which I removed with the aid of a hair dryer. I now need to clean off the sticky residue and find a shade that will do them justice.

I also found this $10.00 end table, which was a thrill, because I have been looking for a while for a piece similar to this for just the right price. I am now off to begin the refinishing process. It will be painted a nice shiny black and then placed in my more formal living area. I will share photos when it's complete. Hopefully today!

Strut Your Stuff...

Beautiful embroidered peacock pillow from Jan Constantine available at Not on the High Street.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Storybook Decor

I am in love with this chair and wallpaper, but I have sadly forgotten where, exactly, I found it, although I do know the photo, along with the buying specifics, came from Nuevo Estilo, a site I know you will thoroughly enjoy. :)

The Old Gray Mare Ain't What She Used To Be...

It's even better. Some great ceramic tile ways from Grespania.

Jill Falk

I love these two original pieces by etsy seller radicaljill. Goat is an original acrylic painting measuring 24" x 12". It is gallery wrapped and ready to hang for $95.00. Beetle is also an original acrylic painting measuring 24" x 8" and ready to hang for just $75.00. Enjoy!

Madeline Weinrib

I truly enjoy the simplicity and chicness of her work.

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