Friday, October 31, 2008

Organic Fall/Thanksgiving Dinner Party Place Cards

A super cheap (we're talking $3.00) and easy idea for place cards. Simply use free real leaves from your own back yard and the paint pen of your choice (fine tip preferred). It is ideal to pick the leaves while they're still full of color. You can preserve the leaves by pressing them in a book or drying them in the microwave. I chose a white paint pen because I felt it would pop more, but they come in all colors, including silver and gold. (Detailed instructions below)

Easiest Method: Pick leaves day of dinner party. Write names on leaves and enjoy.:)

Second Easiest Method: If colored leaves will be gone by day of dinner party pick leaves now or wait to pick as long as there is still color. Write names on leaves. Let paint dry thoroughly. Press in heavy book. Remove from book on day of dinner party and enjoy.

Hardest Method: If colored leaves will be gone by day of dinner party pick leaves now or wait to pick as long as there is still color. Place one leaf at a time between 2 paper towels. Place in microwave. Microwave on high for 5 seconds at a time until leaves feel generally dry (not too dry or they'll be too brittle). Write names on leaves. Place in Ziplock baggie until dinner party and enjoy.

The eye of the beholder...

To me these beautiful aerial shots from Australian photographer Richard Woldendorp would make the perfect rug. One more "to do" to add to my list.

Organic Ocean Shellpearl Necklace

in just the right colors via Lejonklou.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bigger is better...

Yellow green Italian calf suede bag from Stacy Leigh Design.

Sango Dinnerware

In case you haven't noticed during these hard economic times, Kohl's is having an outrageous 50% off sale, which includes their Sango Dinnerware. I especially love it in Charcoal. Current price is $49.99 for a 16 piece set. It includes 4 mugs, 4 cereal bowls, 4 salad plates & 4 dinner plates. For those who love their coffee and hot chocolate by the gallon, like me, there's a jumbo mug too, now $3.99.

Vicki Sher

Thanks for the greetings. I'm surprised anyone is still around. :) The endless election coverage is making me nuts, not to mention the downer that is our economy. So I thought I would focus on things that bring me enjoyment (hopefully you as well), and also try and help some independent artists out there make a few extra bucks during these hard times.

The above painting is by Vicki Sher.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My backyard...

Leaf swing by ENEA Studio. I want one.

Aviva Stanoff - Layers

I've been obsessed with layers and ruffles in clothing and home accessories ever since Christian Siriano won Project Runway. That obsession was perpetuated this year when Leanne Marshall introduced her architectural take on the trend. I am now fully under the spell of anything pleated or ruffled or layered and couldn't resist posting Aviva Stanoff's "Layers" pillow. For stockist information please visit her website.

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