Friday, January 26, 2007

A few of my favorite things...

I bought a new camera so I'm putting it to use. I plan to share a few of my favorite things every now and again. Things I own that are special to me for whatever reason that may be. Today, a photo of my Dansk fish gravy dish. (That sounded glaringly similar to the cat in the hat.) It belongs in the kitchen but it lives on my mantle. You could say it's "a fish out of water". :) I bought if off Ebay for $13.00. I love Ebay. Don't you?

That's for the birds...

How did such a negative connotation become associated with birds? They're such beautiful creatures and if you've read back far enough in my blog, you now know I have a "thing" for birds. I'm loving this Kiwi Bird. It has character and charm. Classic. Found at Almi Decor. Enjoy!

I've got the blues....

The Cumbrian Blue(s), that is. Ceramics and print are like peanut butter and chocolate. For me, they rock. Paul Scott's work combines traditional and contemporary into the perfect blend of what is "today". I love it. If you're into ceramics and want to learn more about Paul and printed ceramics I hear he has a great book, now in its second edition. Check it out here.

I Love Picnics

I should really plan one more often and these tablemats from Empty Me by Asli could certainly coax me along. So cute.

Design Addict a design addict. I am thankful for designers, such as Arne Jacobsen, who provide fuel for this addiction. I ran across these gorgeous chairs on Ebay and I have to give kudos to another design addict, Ebay seller design.addict. Not only are they selling these beautiful works of art, their presentation of each item is a work of art in itself. How great are these photos? Check them out and enjoy!

Thursday, January 25, 2007


Luscious shades by Lush Designs out of the UK. It seems there's a fox trend on the rise. Great pillow covers too. Definitely a group to check out. Click here.

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

One of my favorites. Available here.

Bleu Nature

Be inspired by nature.


I love this swivel coffee table by Leolux. It serves its practical purpose (plus has storage to boot), all the while functioning as a work of art. To find out more info (like where to buy) check out their site. Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Make it a Green Day

Teresa Cole of Teresa Green Design will be at the New York Gift Fair. If you're lucky enough to be going please check out her work. I would so love it if her products were available in the U.S.

One for you and one for me...

By Pluto Produkter available here.

By Ulrika Elofsson available here.

Crate & Barrel available here.

Someone to Watch

Lily'66. Keep an eye on this site.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

L'Atelier De Dani

How cute are these tea towels from L'Atelier De Dani? I think insects are really starting to grow on me.

Product Styling

I've been enjoying Joy's guest spot over at Design Sponge where she's covering the topic of product styling and visual display. I think even the design unconscious can appreciate a good display. As I've googled my way across the Internet I've come across many visually creative displays, but one in particular stood out and was the first to come to mind upon reading Joy's post...Mow Living. They have great product (as seen below), but their display is something else. Be sure and click through the intro. I give it an A for creativity. (Disclaimer: Contains "brief" nudity. Rated PG-13. Remove small children before viewing.)

Wonder Twin Powers Activate!

No, they're not twins, but they are a dynamic duo. I am absolutely in love with the ceramics created by the complimentary talents of Alison Milner and Christiane Kersten. To learn more click here.

Monday, January 22, 2007


I like! Click here.

It's a Sen

Sen-Sen out of Denmark offers a little bit of everything. Their black and white graphics are heavenly. They have some really neat wall stickers with a great photo gallery of ideas on how to use. Check them out here.

Great Retro Items

at Voscher.

CB2 is A0K

I don't know what your thoughts are on CB2's Spring 2007 collection, but I'm loving every minute of it. Check out the entire collection here.

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