Friday, November 30, 2007

If you live in the Denver area...

be sure and check out the Holiday Handmade Craft Fair, tonight from 6 - 9 and tomorrow from 10 - 6. Great artists, including Michael McDowell and little by jenny. For more info and a complete list of exhibitors check out Fancy Tiger. Enjoy!

Modern Chalcedony

honey colored earrings from etsy seller classicdesigns. Enjoy!

A Work of Art

Iron work by Sebastian Fisher. Wow. Enjoy!

Luis Claramont

Officially added to my online gallery of favorite artists I'll probably never own. See more of his work here. Enjoy!

A totally cool gift...

Handmade CD case using recycled LP sleeves and vinyl records. From etsy seller artyfakt. Enjoy!

My kind of Christmas card...

Love these holiday cards available at One Good Bumblebee. 5 cards with 5 envelopes for $10.00. These also qualify as "frameworthy". Enjoy!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

I fell in love with a horse on ebay...

But there is no room in the inn or the stable. My loss will hopefully be your gain. It's a fabulous piece. From ebay seller kitschgalore. Enjoy!

Lovely gocco print

from etsy seller yuizdan168. Enjoy!

Vintage tray & mug set

from etsy seller hownowdesign for $25.00. Enjoy!

Lambaste earrings

from etsy seller ticklebean. Enjoy!

Ornament Swap

Reader Diana wrote in inquiring about an ornament gift guide for her upcoming office Christmas party. For those of you tasked with an ornament swap for the upcoming Holidays I present a selection of ornaments to help in the hunt. If I happen to come across more within the next week I will definitely share. Enjoy!

Owl gourd ornaments from Lucuma - $5.95 each.

Ceramic apple ornament from etsy seller leapinglizards - $15.00 each of which 100% is donated To benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Puzzle ball ornament from Crate & Barrel - $8.95.

Glass ship ornament from West Elm - $9.00.

Bicycle ornament from etsy seller CircaCeramics - $10.00.

Twig reindeer ornament from Pottery Barn - $8.00.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Vintage Mod Fish Platter

From deadbirdfinds. Enjoy!

Antler Necklace

from etsy seller luxedeluxe. Enjoy!

Brocade dishtowels

Set of 4 for $18.00 from Michelle Brusegaard. Enjoy!

Modern Hobnail

from Williams Sonoma. Enjoy!

Wire Trophies...

Love these wire deer from Adriana Barnils. Wish I could find out more info but she doesn't have a website that I could find. Enjoy and be inspired to create something of your own! (image via Nuevo Estilo)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Keep things tidy...

Block printed key rack from etsy seller yellowcanoe. Enjoy!

City Birds

Set of 4 notecards from etsy seller estasketch for $8.00. Definitely frameworthy. Enjoy!

Don't know what to do with all the leftover nut cans from the Holidays?

How about making a fresh contemporary centerpiece with some Gerbera Diasies. Very easy and eco friendly. Enjoy! (image via egos)

New Flavia del Pra Lamps

at Bodie and Fou. Enjoy!

Vintage McCoy Vase

from ebay seller Bettysbabyboy. Current bid is $5.99 with 1 day and 9 hours to go. Enjoy!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Patchwork Kitchen Towel Set

from Herbst. $22.00 for the pair. Would make a great Christmas gift. Split them up and you have a great $10.00 gift. Enjoy!

Gift Tags

from Elfrida. 18 for $3.50. That's a deal.

You for me, and me for you, and two for tea and

Tea for One from Urban Outfitters. Sweet. Check it out!

Interesting Illustrating Style

from Andrea Cobb. Enjoy!

Desk Calendar

from etsy seller SureAsBlue for $9.99. Love it! Enjoy.

Painted brick...

I'm a big fan of painted brick and this rug, by Kiki van Eijk, is the bomb. Fabulous inspiration for a truly unique patio. Enjoy and be inspired!

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