Monday, December 18, 2006



Last week when I came across these tea towels I was determined to know who made them. I was partly successful. The candy design is by a Swedish Designer, Lotta Glave, for Klippan. I fell in love with all her creations and thought I would share some with you. The "candy" apron, above, can be purchased here, along with all the other great items you see. Check it out and enjoy!



labsnabys said...

Those are great! I love the items and patterns you manage to find...each is unique and yet totally "you". Wouldn't snuggs love the kitty set?

Another Shade of Grey said...

I do believe she would. I've told my husband if he's ever in doubt as to what to get me for a present all he has to do is read this blog. It's my own personal "magazine". I'm so glad you dropped by. Please come again!

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