Monday, January 08, 2007

Make Up The Wall

Make Up The Wall, a design concept by Maria Kirk Mikkelsen, combines the use of aluminum stencils and stickers as a means of expressing yourself on your own painted walls, in much the same way a graffiti painter would. The layout is up to you. Keep it simple, or cover the wall. You simply paint the wall in your favorite color. Place the template on the wall and draw around it using both markers and crayons. You can keep it an outline or fill in as you wish. There are 5 different designs to choose from. Check out the site and see the different designs. If you can't locate a retailer near you (which pertains to all those living in the US) you can contact them directly via their email at Enjoy!


tallulah said...


My Marrakech said...

Wow! I am going to click over there immediately and take a look.

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