Thursday, January 18, 2007


Tingatinga is an art form created by Eduardo S. Tingatinga. Originating out of Tanzanie, it is simply bicycle paint on masonite. The object of Tingatinga is to cover the surface in its entirety with the object, which is almost always an animal native to the African landscape. I think it's a beautiful, yet simple form of art. To learn more about Tingatinga click here. Enjoy and be inspired!



goodness! there are so many great posts here. I have to come back to read more of your posts. And you have a great eye for art, too, Julie! gosh, that bottom art piece is just incredible!

Another Shade of Grey said...

Thanks so much Imelda. I'm glad you enjoyed it! Now if only I had painted it. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi. If you like Tingatinga paintings, you might find it interesting here:


Stef said...

Hello there,
Superb blog with nice Tingatinga pictures!

Please join my cause on Facebook to raise more awareness about Tingatinga and the Tingatinga Arts Co-operative Society (TACS). here is the link:

Together with Daniel Augusta we are also starting a 'Community' page on The aim is to link people with unique Tingatinga experiences with the painters at TACS and with each other. It's an exercise to f
facilitate sharing of these experiences which is something the painters will really enjoy learning more about. Would you mind if we link to this blog? Would you mind if we use your picture to make it more visual (or can yo send a piture)?

Thanks for your support!!!
Hope to hear from you soon.


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