Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Yesterday Grace, over at D*s, put up a photo of a peek inside Amy Ruppel's adorable home. One of my biggest challenges is arrangement and I must say Amy's home looks so together. Everything in just the right spot. I really enjoyed her fruit bowl and wanted to see if I could find one similar. Although not quite the same, these enamelware bowls off Ebay do create the same look. I especially love the yellow. Enjoy!

Finel Mod Sunflower bowl currently going for $30.99 with 1 day 3 hours to go.

Finel Arabia Red Flower bowl, starting bid $14.95 with 3 days 10 hours to go.


casapinka said...

Oh, do I love these - especially the yellow. I'm having those winter blues and the yellow really brightens things up. Thanks, Julie.

Another Shade of Grey said...

I absolutely love that yellow bowl. IF I had anywhere to put it I would be bidding right now.

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