Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Bookcase Redo

I've been working on the bookcase redo and am making steady progress. I need to purchase some books/items for the obviously empty shelf (and get a frame for my Matte Stephens piece). But overall, I have to say it looks a hundred times better than before. The color coded books make me giddy. I'm embarrassed to say that I actually thought it looked swell before (being the minimalist addict that I am) until I took a picture and studied the piece in isolation. As a result, I decided to take photographs of all the areas in my home where I had "design doubts". For me, this trick really works. My tip of the day? If you have an area of your home that troubles you, take a photo. I truly believe this will show you the obvious flaws and help you to easier recognize what needs to be tweaked. :)

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