Friday, March 02, 2007

Chim Chimney Cheree

An idea. A time consuming idea, but still, an idea. I ran across this image on the web (forgot to note where) and was inspired. Although I don't have a brick fireplace, this for all of those who do. If you're a troll like me and have no qualms about painting over anything that doesn't move, then this is for you. Brick fireplaces just don't do it for me. But a painted brick fireplace is a horse of a different color. But a multi-colored painted brick fireplace is the bomb. The colors below are great, but think of all the possibilities, all of the wonderful schemes? Oh, I'm wishing I had a brick fireplace...


Michele said...

I absolutely love your blog!

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With warm wishes,
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michelle said...

Oh how beautiful! I love it! It honestly never dawned on me to paint each brick a different color! Wow, how perfect! I am on a colorful posting spree today, I am going to post this image and link back to you!

Jennifer Mitchell said...

No, no, no. This reminds me of a night in high school when I was really drunk. I can't explain why. Someone's stinky, sticky club basement when I had to wait for my drunk girlfriend to stop making out with her boyfriend so we could leave.

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