Thursday, October 04, 2007


In case you haven't clicked over on the Must Read link to lsaspacey's blog and read about this great DIY idea, let me divulge. It's a great project straight out of ReadyMade magazine using paint sample chips to create a mosaic tabletop design which is then topped off with a protective glass top.

All I can say is think of the possibilities! Consider using the scrapbooking paper punches. They come in squares, rounded rectangles and circles. You could create a scale type pattern using the rounded circles with a monochromatic color scheme in all blues or greys or greens or creams. And best of all, paint chips are free. Somebody quick! I need a table! Enjoy and be inspired people! :)

1 comment:

beckie said...

what a fantastic idea. Oh no! Not another idea I HAVE to try.

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