Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ornament Swap

Reader Diana wrote in inquiring about an ornament gift guide for her upcoming office Christmas party. For those of you tasked with an ornament swap for the upcoming Holidays I present a selection of ornaments to help in the hunt. If I happen to come across more within the next week I will definitely share. Enjoy!

Owl gourd ornaments from Lucuma - $5.95 each.

Ceramic apple ornament from etsy seller leapinglizards - $15.00 each of which 100% is donated To benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Puzzle ball ornament from Crate & Barrel - $8.95.

Glass ship ornament from West Elm - $9.00.

Bicycle ornament from etsy seller CircaCeramics - $10.00.

Twig reindeer ornament from Pottery Barn - $8.00.


Diana Martini said...

Thank you for reading my email and leaving a post - great ideas! My co-workers also loved several of them. Thanks again - Diana

Another Shade of Grey said...

You are more than welcome Diana. I will keep my eyes open for more over the next week. :)

Donna said...

Beautiful blog you have here! I found it because I've got a Google alert set up for the term "puzzle ball", so up popped this entry. I make a different kind of puzzle ball, though!

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