Monday, April 30, 2007

Really great pieces by design group Yksi


"Designer group Yksi was invited to join the project Dutch Souvenirs by the European Ceramics Work Center (EKWC) in Den Bosch. Tourists can break a piece off an object to take home with them. Whereas archeologists collect bits and pieces of pots and vases to reconstruct the past, the visitors assure the spreading of fragments of traditional Holland around the world. The object is a modern vase shape with prepared fracture lines, so the pieces break easily and uniformly. The vase will remain an interesting object until the bottom is reached."

"The hookah vase is built of seperate parts. The total set-up is 130 cm high. The seperate parts are nice objects in themselves. The hookah vase is made of cast rough aluminium. By adding a wooden top and upholstered seat you can make a table or a puff."

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