Thursday, May 03, 2007

White Hot

White is hot right now and these new items from Ballard Designs are on the money, literally.

Soho Table Lamp $99.00

Coral Sconce $79.00 each - 2 or more $69.00 each

Set of 2 White DovesS $25.00

Marianna Umbrella Stand/Vase $99.00


Di Overton said...

Gorgeous doves

sheila said...

I really like the first lamp, but the coral sconces look like deer antlers to me. I'm probably just showing my true Wisconsin colors, though.

Lindsey said...

I am super impressed with Ballard! I love that lamp! tahnks for the share!

Anna said...

Love the mirror in the top pic!

michelle said...

AHHH, I keep reading, and boy, all I can say is...I missed reading your blog while on my little hiatus...I am back baby!

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