Thursday, July 19, 2007

Craving Calamari?

Okay, not quite the same thing, but close enough. An octopus for every taste and budget.

First, an octopus design embossed on museum paper from Alaska native artist Edward Raub. Each high quality print is done by hand and is sold un-matted and unframed. 13 x 11 for $40.00. Go here to place order.

Watercolor and colored pencil by Tamara Clark. 8 x 10 for $33.00 right here.

8 x 10 print from Earth Art International for $20.00. Check it out here.

Remarqued Print from Steve Bogdanoff, 12.25 x 15.5 $275.00 right

And last, but not least, Octopus Love canvas print, 8 x 10, from etsy seller underthebigtop for $15.00.


Claire said...

Great post! I have a great fondness for octopi!

Anonymous said...

i was just looking at that exact lampshade. i have to find a blank shade and try something like that out myself. with exchange rate and customs duties it would wind up costing close to $300 - not an option!

Another Shade of Grey said...

Thanks Claire. I rather enjoyed it myself. :) Although I'm having a hard time choosing which one I like best.

Anonymous, I think you could easily find a great wallpaper and make your own shade for considerably less, depending up the wallpaper. :)

Ulla said...

What a fabulous selection of links! There is definitly something 'fishy' in the air right now... these are timely indeed!

Anonymous said...

Here is my Blog:


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