Saturday, July 14, 2007

A Quick-do Idea

Starting with Robert Capa's Untitled I...

trimmed in a nice brown frame for $159.00.

A pair of Daisy pillows in tangerine from Henry Road for $75.00 each.

Chocolate block wall shelves from West Elm for $44.00. (Ebay might have some for less)

This adorable Jasba vase from Hi and Lo Modern for $65.00. (Scroll down towards the bottom of their page)

And if you have some change left over, the Etch rug from CB2 for $299.00.

Enjoy and be inspired. :)


JAbbott said...

The Jasba vase is awesome. Nice find.

Anonymous said...

Robert Capa is a photographer who photographed WWII, The spanish Civil War, founded Magnum... Very famous but did not make mediocre abstractions that sell at ikea.

Another Shade of Grey said...

Thanks jabbott. :)

anonymous, I guess you'll have to take that up with They also have a couple of photographic prints available for sale. Perhaps the paintings are by a different Robert Capa. I don't know. I just call 'em like I seem 'em. :)

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