Monday, July 09, 2007

Reader Q & A - for Jenna

Jenna is a junior in high school and wants to redecorate her bedroom. She writes:
This Summer I am planning on redecorating my room! I really want to use pink, but I want my room to look sophisticated and not too little-kid-ish because I am a junior in High School. Also, my room is really small so I don't think that I should use a shade that is too dark. Do you have any pictures of pink rooms that I could use for inspiration because I'm feeling pretty lost!!

First of all, I say go with whatever shade of pink tickles your fancy. If it's a darker shade, no worries, just paint the focal wall pink and the other three white.

As to inspiration, I browsed the web and chose my favorites.

First up is an image I chose from Anna over at Absolutely Beautiful Things. It's short of a shabby chic eclectic look.

The next comes from Terramia via At Home With Color. It has sort of a modern boheme look going on. I can see a hot pink focal wall with a blue bed frame, white comforter and a striped saltillo blanket across the foot. You could remove the fringe from the blanket and replace it with colored beaded trim.

Third is this image, also from Terramia, via Canadian House and Home. It's brown and chocolate and all grown-up. I would pull bits and pieces from this room. Perhaps a brown focal wall with a pink bed frame and creamy white bedding. An affordable and glamorous small sized chandelier would be awesome, especially painted pink with clear prisms. You could probably find one at your local flea market.

I hope this helps Jenna. Feel free to add your own advice for Jenna in the comments below.


The Paris Apartment said...

ooooh i love that pink chest, blue chair and brown wall...what drama!!

Di Overton said...

Wow I love that stair carpet and that pink chest is to die for.

Another Shade of Grey said...

The pink chest is one of my favorite pieces. I don't typically like ornate antique furniture, but when painted an unexpected color, like pink, it makes them so now. Glad you ladies enjoyed. :)

drey said...

i just posted a very chic/hip pink bedroom!

Lynda said...

I'm mad for the stair runner. Any idea where I can find it or something like it?


Another Shade of Grey said...

Lynda, there's been much discussion about this without anyone knowing for sure. Linda from Chameleon Interiors suggested and I do find that they have some of the closest I've seen. :)

Lynda said...

thanks! I'll check them out!

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