Tuesday, October 16, 2007

BHG - Colonial Style...Kickin' it up a notch.

I love Better Homes & Gardens online piece for Colonial "Chic". Some really simple DIYs that can cross over into other design genres as well.

I really love the alternative use of ceiling medallions as wall art. Painted in graduated color schemes, this project is for the masses. I can imagine an installation over one's bed that would be an easy wow factor to install.

Love this silhouette drawer pull stencil. So easy.

Add a little pizazz to a lampshade with yarn.

And how gorgeous are these yarnballs displayed in glass cylinders? A perfect pairing.

And how about all of grandma's vintage crewel work? Put them to use in a simple modern frame displayed casually on a shelf. Eye catching.

Be sure and check out Architectural Depot and their large selection of ceiling medallions.

Remember, etsy has a large selection of hand-dyed yarns available in any color imaginable. Shown below is Knittydirtygirl's mustard seed.

And if you're short on vintage crewel work be sure and check out Wool and Hoops contemporary crewel kits. Nothing like making your own.

Be sure and check out BHG for more innovative ideas. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Very nice! I especially like the framed crewel pieces. And the wood "coaster" beneath the candle...
I've been searching for inspiration for fall looks for my fireplace mantel and my dining room table---but nothing too theme-y and definitely no skulls (seeing a lot of those!).
So this post has got me thinking of some alternatives. :)

drey said...

nice! esp the medallions painted in that soft yellow. i've been trying to think creatively about what to hang on walls... so far i've got florentine trays. (and the usual pictures/photos/plates etc) this is another nice addition... thanks (as always!)

Kate F. said...

Ceiling medallions...behind bed...brilliant... This may have solved my "there isn't room for a headboard and we can't center the bed on the wall and we don't have enough art yet to plan ANOTHER salon-style installation" dilemma!

Making it Lovely said...

I love the ceiling medalions! I saw them earlier today from Design Milk too, and I thought it was such a clever idea.

Another Shade of Grey said...

Jane, I loved those wood coasters too and now that you mention it I can imagine a great DIY tablescape of such. Great idea.

Drey and Kate, I totally think my bedroom redo will include these medallions. It's got me excited and thinking. :)

Hey Nicole. I love them too. Glad you dropped by. :)

beckie said...

I love the ceiling medallions, just like everyone else

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